About CRDD

Center for Research and Development in Drylands (CRDD) is a Kenyan based non-profit organization that promotes people-centered research and development.

What We Do

CRDD promotes multi-actor research to address the complex situations drylands development. It develops and implements programs that contribute to sustainable livelihoods for communities living in drylands of Kenya.

We collaborate with local communities, academia and development actors to co-create development solutions by building on the capacities of diverse stakeholders. We target to generate practical solutions through inter-phasing participatory research with development in drylands. 

Get to Know Us

CRDD has been created by scientists originating from Northern Kenya trained in transdisciplinary and social-ecological research. With varied specialization ranging from management of natural resources, land governance, value chain issues and local knowledge in Biodiversity among others, the team have a strong capacity to connect the practical programme development and implementation with the scientific sphere. Driven by the passion to work for the local communities, the team are embedded in a network of international and national partners following their years of education and professional engagements in various parts of the world.

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